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Bluefield Trading

Bluefield Trading aims to bridge the gap between producers and users in varius industries that are vital in today's global economy.

We underestand the needs in a global market, where turnkey solutions and viable alternatives presented in timely manner as esential for the success of our customer and partners.

Should your field of operation be in metals, oildfield production or industrial production, Bluefield Trading offers products that can enhance and have a positive impact on your organization.

Bluefield International

Oil & Gas Valves

The selection of proper valves in the oilfield industry is a key for any succesful operation. The wrong valve will cause a significant loss of production time, maintenance costs, and enviroment pollution. We have developed a wide range of Dual Expanding Plug Valves that will prevent the risks associated with this process.


Our global sourcing network and vast experoence in the industry, has allowed Bluefield to develop a strong position to the commercialization of different metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ore, iron, steel and copper. Whether you need is to sell or purchase any of these products, we are your best alternative.

Zep Products

Zep products for different industries including automotive, hospitality, food processing, car washing, government, manufacturing, institutional, and municipalities. Available ONLY for Venezuela, Honduras and Nicaragua.

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